Who is the Kaipullai?

Naa Romba Nallavan

Name: Kaipullai

Profession: President of the Varuthapadada Valibar Sangam

Favourite Weapon: Aruval

Motto in Life: “Veeran Vazhakaila Idhellam Sakajam Ada”

Inspirations and Perspirations:


Kaipullai, is an unemployed youth of India, who like every Indian wants to say a lot of things, in a lot of words to a lot of people who don’t want to listen.

He/She is the one of those in the teeming millions that you see in any crowded place in India, seen in hordes and ignored by everybody. He/She has no religion, no caste, no race, no worries and no tensions. He/She is the ideal person you always wanted to be, but for some reason, can never be.

This blog is his/her voice.