To the janata that thinks Anna hazare is wrong and the Jan Lok Pal is a bad idea, Please read my response

When Anna Hazare walked towards the Ramlila Maidan, he knew he had knowingly/unknowingly sparked off one of India’s biggest movements against anything. This fight however, is against the gravest of ills afflicting the country today, Corruption.  Like a pandemic virus, corruption has infected every facet of Indian life, from the water we drink, the roads that we travel on and even to the ubiquitous mobile phone. It was but a matter of time before the tolerance limit of the common man was breached and the revolution to begin.  However, every revolution has its detractors and naysayers and this one is no different.

So in an attempt to discredit this renaissance, here are some of the gems gifted to us by the Government and some of my fellow countrymen/women.

According to some of them the Jan Lok Pal, as Anna Hazare proposes, will become a

The other awesome theory by the party in power was

The second theory is so preposterous that even the thought of discussing it is blasphemous.  However, there are some opinions which make the first theory look like a realistic possibility. I am just taking some of the points raised by a blogger who I also believe is a member of the print media.

This gentleman says, Anna Hazare is wrong and Lok Pal is a bad idea. He has raised a few red flags in the Jan Lok Pal bill. I will try to rebut all his arguments and try pointing out, why he may not be correct. (The original blog is here:  FAQ: Why Anna Hazare is wrong and Lok Pal a bad idea). Continue reading